Sunday, January 23, 2011

Say Anything

I love all the sweet, witty and silly things my little one's say:

Thanks for an idea to document memories and events 
from my sweet cousin, Brooke at Aspiring 4 More
I am creating an on-going list that I will update as these sweet, witty and silly things are spoken.

So, in no particular order (including timelines), here a few to start off with...

Lexie: "I can pee like a big boy, too!"

Jacob: "Maddie, you should thank me for being alive." 
Maddie: "Why?"
Jacob: "Because, if I hadn't been so cute as a baby they wouldn't have wanted any more kids."

Maddie: "Hamblerger" - she said this up until 1st Grade

Mommy: "Lexie, what do you want for Christmas?"
Lexie: "makeup, a screwdriver and pink makeup."

Lexie: "I don't like strawberries (she is allergic), but I love chocolate!  I eat all my chocolate like a good girl!"

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