Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventure of a Life Time

At this very moment, we are literally down to just hours away from our departure for Africa.  I am quite sure I am working purely off of adrenaline as I mad rush around the house finishing last minute cleaning projects, packing, and any other things that enter my mind that *need* to be done.  I am pretty sure my kids think I am crazy :).  In all of my madness, just the thought of Africa brings me to tears.  I am anxious, nervous, excited, joyful and eager to experience God in a new way.  My biggest desire and prayer is that I can love the way God loves.  That through me, His pure love will be bestowed upon the people of Mozambique.  I want nothing more than to be a vessel.  To be what He desires me to be.  I am nothing without God and I am nothing without His grace.  What an honor that God sees me fit to show His love in this way.  My prayer is that I can do this humbly and selflessly.  All the honor, all the praise, all the glory belongs to HIM.  We are so excited to go on this journey.  Thank you for going with us....

Africa - here we come!


p.s.: I will blog and post pictures as I can!!!

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