Thursday, September 30, 2010


... was one of those days.

The Beginning:
1. Ran out of lunch items for kids to take to school. Lunches consisted of pb&j, a fruit strip and 3 pink marshmallows (leftover from baby shower)
2. Lexie decided to have 2 meltdowns. I chose my battle (allowed her to wear clothes that were mis-matched, but was firm about fixing her hair)
3. Getting Lexie into her carseat was a battle times two
4. Lexie messed up her hair while I was putting her into the car seat
5. Dropping off Lexie in her classroom was equally relieving for both her and I
6. On way to Walgreens to pick up card for friend and realized I left my debit card in back pocket of jeans worn day prior
7. On way back home to get debit card, I saw a dead cat on road that was very similar in color to our family cat, Woody

Then the day perked up :)
1. Celebrated my dear friend Carey's birthday amongst other friends at Paradise Bakery for breakfast
2. Received an apology phone call from Lexie "Mommy, I say I sorry, love you."
3. Went to lunch at NYPD Pizza with friends - and enjoyed a thrilling ride there
4. Held a newborn baby
5. Ate lemon cake for above mentioned friends' birthday
6. Had fun night at church
7. Walked in the door from fun night at church was greeted by my sweet cat, Woody.

Wonder what tomorrow has in store :)

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